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Registration Closing Soon!

We hope you've bought your ConFuzzled 2012 tickets from the Box Office already! But if you haven't, time is running out! The Box Office will be closing on Friday the 20th of April 2012, at 8pm British Standard Time (see http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=ConFuzzled+2012+Registration+Closure&iso=20120420T20&p1=136 to find out what time this will be in your local timezone).
After this date, you will not be able to register for ConFuzzled 2012's residential registrations! So if you would like to stay at the wonderful Barceló Hinckley Island hotel, the venue for ConFuzzled 2012, you must make sure you register by then, and to make your payment in time for it to reach us by the deadline for your chosen payment method.
At this point in time, we will also lock down the ability to amend your registration. This includes convention badge pictures, so make sure you've uploaded your badge picture before the 20th of April!
After the 20th of April, we will still be selling our non-Residential registrations (i.e. Attending Only tickets) which will allow you access to the entire Convention - you would however need to find accommodation elsewhere. It is NOT possible to book directly with the hotel.
On the 18th of May 2012 at 8pm British Standard Time, registration will close completely for all ticket types. And just a few days later, we'll be welcoming you to ConFuzzled 2012!
Whilst we're talking about our registration... the red carpet will be rolled out earlier than in the past! For those of you that have chosen the "Early Arrival" option (and therefore arriving on Thursday 24th of May), registration at-con will be open Thursday evening between 8pm and 10pm. There's no need to wait til the Friday afternoon to register - you can show off your movie star status straight away! And on Friday, registration will be open from 10am. We wouldn't want to make the stars of ConFuzzled 2012 wait now would we?
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Confuzzled Fursuit Dance Competition 2012

Fame? Street Dance? Footloose? or just Dirty Dancing?

Join us in on the Main Stage where we have our annual dance off competition. Our competitors will have to each strut there stuff and impress the audiance.

The audiance will then decide who will hold the title of Confuzzled Best Dance Act 2012. We'll have a panel of judges who will give their own take on each performance.

Any style is accepted and can either be by yourself or in a group so please sign up below if you would like to take part.

Application Form

Event Page
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DJ's we want You!

Calling all prospective DJ's!, do you want to DJ at the UK's largest Furry Convention? If so please fill in the form linked below.

All Genres will be considered but slots will be limited so we're looking for a good range and vararity to help keep our dedicated night club moving and the bar selling.

If you have DJ'ed before then we will need a quick nod to let us know if you would like to be called upon again.

I look forward to hearing from you and Seeing you in 2012!

Apply Here

(Discuss this on our forum)
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Confuzzled 2011 Live Sets

#CFz2011 Live Sets : Friday - DJ Blackwolf http://bit.ly/jACVwY ; DJ Spiritraptor http://bit.ly/j9woos ; DJ Cheetah http://bit.ly/jzyrKl
#CFz2011 Live Sets : Saturday - DJ Swolf http://bit.ly/lWWJg7
#CFz2011 Live Sets : Sunday - DJ Zuki http://bit.ly/jUIiMn ; DJ Kenai http://bit.ly/lBT1e0 ; DJ BigBlueFox http://bit.ly/lqY6Co

Total Run time for all set's combined 16hrs 29mins 40 seconds
Total File size = approx 1GB!

Have Fun and a big thanks to all the DJ's again!

Badge Pre-orders

Yes, I am now accepting badge pre-orders. My plan is to accept these MUCH earlier than usual (I tend to open them REALLY last minute. I'm talking... The night before I set off) and getting them done waaaaay in advance so your badge will almost definitely be waiting for you to pick up at my table. The price is still ALOT lower than the price at the con (£15) and you still get the same quality, it's still laminated and you still get a badge clip. It's just this year I'm taking more pre-orders to give myself less of a workload at the con.

SO, prices. Pre-orders are £8 each and I have 4 different styles.
Regular - http://d.facdn.net/art/shaggi/1270424149.shaggi_badges-1.jpg (the first 3)
Chibi - http://d.facdn.net/art/shaggi/1302565016.shaggi_taya.jpg
Spazz - http://d.facdn.net/art/shaggi/1270424149.shaggi_badges-1.jpg (the last one)
Feral - http://d.facdn.net/art/shaggi/1282005408.shaggi_corgiebadge.jpg

This year, I'm also offering another type of badge. These are pre-order only, fully shaded, twice as big (£8 badges are roughly A6, these are A5) and come with a background. They cost £20 and for now, I am limiting the slots I take to 2. I am currently working on an example, so look out for that soon!!

£8 Slots

1. Mudiwa - Paid - Colouring
2. Revel - Paid - Colouring
3. SSej Hammer - Unpaid - Approval Needed
4. Jym - Unpaid - Approval Needed
5. "Icey" - Unpaid - Sketching
6. "Icey" - Unpaid - Sketching
7. "Brixton" - Paid - Sketching
8. "Brixton" - Paid - Sketching
9. "James Shepherd" - Unpaid - Sketching

£20 Slots


If you are interested, please leave a comment here. My paypal address is captainsadness@hotmail.co.uk and I will need the name you want on your badge and refs.

Thankyouuu <3

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FINAL Dealer Showcase!

With the convention nearly upon us it’s time for the final Dealers Den update!

It won’t be long before you find yourself getting ready to head to ConFuzzled, and make sure that when you pack your bag, you leave plenty of room for the swag you’ll be bringing back, especially from the Den and Art Show – there’s so much to browse and buy, including from several dealers visiting us from abroad – it’s a great opportunity!

The Dealers Den will be open from 11AM on the Saturday of the convention, and if you’re a Sponsor, you can get in an hour early at 10AM!!  The Den will open again on Sunday from 10AM (for all).  Initial opening always sees a big rush of interest – if you have specific artists you’d like to see / commission, please arrive early to avoid disappointment!

This week in the dealers showcase, Roarey Raccoon, Korrok, Skaifox, and just a small mention of the Convention Store!

Roarey Raccoon

Roarey Raccoon is one our artists in the den this year.  You’ll find Roarey’s art on FurAffinity (some adult art) – and it should be a great place to pick up art this year!  Very cute, very toony art – you’ll want to cuddle it!


Another of our artists this year – producing some fantastic full colour artwork – mainly realistic in nature, and you can have a browse over at FurAffinity (some adult art).  Don’t forget to take a look at Korrok’s table this year to buy plenty of art!


Our final artist again produces full colour art, a great mix of toony / realistic art – you’ll be sure to find something good on Skaifox's table – and for a preview take a look at Skaifox's FurAffinity pages (some adult art). Don’t forget to take a look this year!

Convention Store

As usual, the commerce team will be manning our own table in the den – the convention store!  You’ll find a big collection of ConFuzzled themed gifts including mugs, pens, t-shirts and much more!

As you know, our Charity this year will be the International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF) – and we aim to raise as much money as possible to donate!  At the Convention Store, you’ll find a huge collection of Otter-themed gifts, including Otter Plushies, Badges, fridge magnets and more!  Please buy an Otter-item – all proceeds go to the charity!!


A quick word on payment – in general most dealers will be expecting payment in cash.  The convention store is planning to offer card payment – however as we are only a small business, we may have to pass on payment processing costs.  Further, we regret that you will be unable to use our card payment facilities to pay for items from other dealers, and we do not have a cash-back facility.
We would generally advise you bring some cash to the convention.

The commerce team looks forward to seeing you in the den this year – we hope it will be a big part of your convention experience, and that you’ll go home with some great art and other furry merchandise!