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ConFuzzled Convention LiveJournal

Let's Make Pawprints Into History.

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Confuzzled 2013 - The Live Sets
swolf wrote in confuzzledlj
Here they are - 5 Nights - 25 and a half hours of Audio

Thursday Night Sets
DJ Cheesewheel
DJ Djem

Friday Night Sets
The Rock Knight - DJ SkaPup
DJ Spiritraptor
DJ Graafen

Saturday Night Sets
Fursuit Friendly Dance - DJ Swolf
The Alchemists - DJ Swolf & DJ Spiritraptor Back to Back
Download Here

Sunday Night Set - Use 7-zip or mutipart zip extractor
DJ Big Blue Fox

Monday Night Set - Use 7-zip or mutipart zip extractor
Dead Dog Party - DJ Swolf and DJ Graafen Back to Back
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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Hmm I can't seem to get the Dead Dog or BBF sets to unzip but some of the parts are reporting to be larger than the size the download site allows anyone else getting this or is it just my PC being crap? :/


I've only tried to download the Dead Dog set and it unzips fine at my end I'm afraid!



yeah sorted it winrar couldn't openthem for some reason had to get 7zip to do it

Love these sets, brings back the memories! There's hours and hours of it too o_o

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