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ConFuzzled 2012 Dealer Showcase 3!

ConFuzzled 2012 Dealer Showcase 3

It’s time for the final Dealer Showcase!

With the convention only a little over a couple of weeks away, we thought we’d give you one last reminder of a few more dealers that will be in the den! This time around, Quickwind Studios, Neweinstein and Raes Suits!

There’s also some final dealers den information, and a reminder about our art show!

As with the previous showcase postings, the material has been provided by the dealers themselves

Quickwind Studios

“Here’s what I’m bringing to the dealers den this year;

I’ll be taking at-con commissions in badges, sketches and full colour works of an anthro/fantasy variety. I’ll have prints available from my portfolio, along with some postcards and buttons. I will also be selling some CDs from my brass band, which I designed the artwork cover for. I will also offer conbadge repairs and lamination. Here’s some of my galleries: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jet3270/ (one or two NFSW pieces) or clean stuff: http://jet3270.deviantart.com/

I will be sharing my table with Stonehill Stitchcraft!

Many thanks!”


“At my place in the Dealers Den you will find high-quality FineArt prints of my photographic portraits of different animals like lions, tigers, wolves and of course snow leopards. I will have different print sizes available, some also including a high quality assepartout. From each sold print a certain percentage will go to the "Snow Leopard Trust" (http://www.snowleopard.org) as a donation to support the rescue of those wonderful cats.

you can go to my FA page and get a first impression what to expect (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/neweinstein) or learn a bit about who I am at WikiFur (http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/Neweinstein)”

Raes Suits

“I will be selling resin bases for heads in different animal forms and in many different sizes, along with various different other fursuit parts. I will also have notebooks available on which you can get your fursona drawn on (a reference sheet will be needed for this which can also be e-mailed in advance). I will also have badge commissions available and will be open for fursuit commission.

More information can be found at my two FurAffinity accounts http://www.furaffinity.net/user/raessuits (fursuit related) and http://www.furaffinity.net/user/raereira(art related)[adult content]“

Den Information!

As with previous years, we’re open on the Saturday & Sunday of the convention. and we know that many of you will be wanting to get in as early as possible to grab the best stuff, and get your commissions in with your favourite artists. We’re open from 11AM on Saturday (or 10AM if you’re a sponsor!), and 10AM on Sunday.

Just browsing? Want to pop in again later in the day? The den is open until 6PM on Saturday, and 5PM on Sunday - keep coming back to see what else is going on!

As usual, the convention has its own table where we’ll be selling ConFuzzled themed merchandise, including items from previous years at a discount price, and we do plan to accept Credit & Debit cards once again!

If you are bringing art to the auction - please remember it’s preferable to bring it on the Friday. We will accept items on the Saturday at the discretion of the auction administration staff, usually subject to available room.

That’s it! Excited? We sure are! Bring plenty of money, and buy yourself some furry items to take home and treasure forever!
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