David Cooke (dingotush) wrote in confuzzledlj,
David Cooke

Eighty eight places left - or are there... ?

It's been a hectic few days for our staff working registration (what heroes!) after the technical issues we had at opening. Now things have settled down it's worth while drawing your attention to some of the changes to the web site.

Firstly, the Attendees list: here you can see a list of people signed up for ConFuzzled and which kind of membership they have. Unless, of course, you're colour blind like this dog, in which case Firebug is your friend. Secondly is the number of places remaining at the bottom of the right hand side menu.

For 2009 ConFuzzled has 136 places in the hostel (as it did in 2008) and 50 "attending" places where you provide your own accommodation (you might live locally, know someone who does, fancy a room to yourself at the Castlefield next door, or really push the boat out and stay at the "The Ganymede Holiday Inn" AKA The Midland). So, that figure on the right has been counting down from 186.

As I write this, of the 136 places in the hostel 92 have been reserved (1 GoH, 18 Staff, 41 Sponsors, and 32 Standard [1]), there are 44 remaining and one of those will be taken by that second GoH we promised you for double the fun! Of the 50 attending spaces, 6 are taken, so there's plenty of those left.

That's right, the YHA is currently 67% full!

So, take a look at that attendee list, and remind your friends (the ones who were perhaps put off by the initial problems or wanted some time to think about whether or not to attend) that those "88" remaining places aren't all in the YHA.

[1] There may be some errors, see the bit about dogs being colour blind.
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