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ConFuzzled Convention LiveJournal

Let's Make Pawprints Into History.

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Eighty eight places left - or are there... ?
dingotush wrote in confuzzledlj
It's been a hectic few days for our staff working registration (what heroes!) after the technical issues we had at opening. Now things have settled down it's worth while drawing your attention to some of the changes to the web site.

Firstly, the Attendees list: here you can see a list of people signed up for ConFuzzled and which kind of membership they have. Unless, of course, you're colour blind like this dog, in which case Firebug is your friend. Secondly is the number of places remaining at the bottom of the right hand side menu.

For 2009 ConFuzzled has 136 places in the hostel (as it did in 2008) and 50 "attending" places where you provide your own accommodation (you might live locally, know someone who does, fancy a room to yourself at the Castlefield next door, or really push the boat out and stay at the "The Ganymede Holiday Inn" AKA The Midland). So, that figure on the right has been counting down from 186.

As I write this, of the 136 places in the hostel 92 have been reserved (1 GoH, 18 Staff, 41 Sponsors, and 32 Standard [1]), there are 44 remaining and one of those will be taken by that second GoH we promised you for double the fun! Of the 50 attending spaces, 6 are taken, so there's plenty of those left.

That's right, the YHA is currently 67% full!

So, take a look at that attendee list, and remind your friends (the ones who were perhaps put off by the initial problems or wanted some time to think about whether or not to attend) that those "88" remaining places aren't all in the YHA.

[1] There may be some errors, see the bit about dogs being colour blind.

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daft question:

how do I pay? I can't find a link anywhere on the site to send you money!

Not a daft question at all. There should have been payment details in the e-mail you received, however, I note you were one of the very eager types who were so fast off the mark that you got a copy of last year's email. That's fast!

The official answer is to contact the registration otter at registration {at} confuzzled.org.uk. I could send you a link to the page, but that'd leave out the important bit (for you) where we are able to tell who has paid us.

cheers mate! just sent an email to Tungro now :)

Ditto to the old e-mail, I got that one as well. Handy living with con staff tho' =^.^=

If I remember, I'll prod Tungro when he gets home to fire off the e-mail to you, or alternatively drop me a line at kyyanno(at)hotmail(dot)com with your e-mail details, and I'll forwards the one I had from him....all the way from across the hallway :P

I really really want to go. However I cannot afford it for 6 weeks (getting married), and I understand you need payment in 48 hours. I'm just hoping and praying there'll be spaces in 6 weeks time

Married? Congratulations! Planning to bring your partner to ConFuzzled?

Well if we sell 1 space a day (which isn't unreasonable) for the next six weeks, you'll just squeeze in. Of course, that might mean you're booking ConFuzzled on your honeymoon; it might not be at the top of your things to do list.

Yeah married. It's crazy. This month I am brassic. I may just dip in to my reserves and buy an attendee only place but I'd definately miss out on the convention hotel experience, and the prospect of getting a hotel room on a bank holiday weekend somewhere else isn't all that appealing. But thanks for the congrats.

My other half Stacey is a non fur who's got a phobia of people wearing masks (I so chose the wrong fandom didn't I!). So she won't be there. Well maybe as she's warming to furry stuff... but not sure I'll turn her by May hehe.

Ah, congratulations! ^_^ I was thinking about you earlier today actually, having spotted someone in Reading that looked a lot like you..n but not quite you!

I have a suggestion :-D Why not register just now but for the attendance only option? That way you definitely have a space at Confuzzled (presuming you cna afford to pay £40 just now). Then, six weeks' later, if there are rooms at the hostel you can upgrade to the standard membership, and if there isn't any room at the hostel then you could sort out a hotel at your leisure :)

You were thinking about me?! *passes you some mind bleach* I'm sure that'll come in handy.

I'm going to be very uncooth and show my true idiot colours now. You know I went fully into my last term of year 7 before I learned everyone's name in my class. I'm having trouble remembering meeting you heh. I assume at RBW or my one London meet.

Thanks for the congrats though. I've just had a word with Stacey and she's agreed to let me use some of our wedding money to register tonight, and I'll pay it back before the wedding. Haha. Sorted!

Understandable. I do hope you can make it.

Been through my finances tonight. Looks as though we can -just- about manage it.

Would be nice to put my name down and start paying but im not allowed to pay in bits

I do hope you are able to get the money saved up (or borrowed) in time. The instalment system won't be available this year, and is unlikely to come back in the future.

Just curious...will I reserve the room at the hostel or not? (o.O)

There is no need to reserve the room yourself, we do all that for you :)

Nice!!!!!!! :D That's cool. Hehe.

Thanks for telling me about that. :)

*Licks and nuzzles you*

Ace icon....only have vague memories of the show (and not exactly glowing ones at that) but it did get referenced this past weekend, and I've had a hankering for watching it again ^.^

Yeah...Mike Jittlov is a genius. :D I love that film!

I wish the new film spoof is "The Furry Wizard of Speed and Time" starring the unnamed critter fursuiter. *Giggle* ;P

You're going?! That means I have to hide from you twice in one year :P *fuzzles*

How long does it take for your name to go on the attendee list?

Up to 48h - the attendance list is populated manually from the registration details :)

Bah. I REALLY want to go and am kinda annoyed at the inability to pay in installments -__- CF was awesome for my art and DAMN I shoulda kept some of my profits for this fee for next year, but I didn't realise how damn fast it was gonna go x_x

Well, I'm sure things will work out and I can attend hopefully >>

- Wingedwolf

*too lazy to log into his public account*

Such a nice venue too. Though I think we'll outgrow it rather quickly at this rate!

Daft question number two:

Would it not make any sense at all, then, to split the current website counter into two – one for the number of standard/sponsor places remaining and the other for attendance-only spots? :)

It certainly would. We have our web master looking at possible solutions. I gather he's at a conference (not a furry one) all week, and there may be a delay.

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