Capt. Stealth NightStalker (cheetahkid) wrote in confuzzledlj,
Capt. Stealth NightStalker

Report from Cheetah kid

I'm home, I'm sorry to leave early and didn't have time to hugs everybody! I did book the taxi at 11am right after the photos shoot, next time, I won't book taxi till I'm ready! I just put few pictures

This is Gothicat, Jocasta, Zuki and me. Room 214.

One of Jocasta handy drawing, loving it!

 I didn't expect the line up matches to the drawing!

Well, I do have few videos
I start of with Kreek and others follow later.

Yeah, I have made 2 slideshows, this one, one normal!F3F738F41AC124DB!1390/

and one special for Kreek!!F3F738F41AC124DB!1464/?startingImageIndex=1&commentsExpand=0&addCommentExpand=0&addCommentFocus=0&pauseSlideshow=0

Just for

kofu , here is me with timduru 

What can I say, It was bloody awesome show!
I shall say this once, I am coming back for Confuzzled 2!!




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