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ConFuzzled Convention LiveJournal

Let's Make Pawprints Into History.

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Confuzzled - a MASSIVE thank you!
Pan by Mary Minch (Victorian ^^)
panthras wrote in confuzzledlj
[I do hope this'll be okay to post here >.>]

Well the CF comedown is well underway - I got in last night and had myself a nice hot bath to relax after taking Winged and Lynx home (miss you all already!)

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everybody for making the con such a wonderful experience for myself - from the staff at the hostel to our very own set of ConFuzzled staff members, who never stopped working to make it an awesome experience - great job guys :) and also to everyone who stopped by my table in the Den and commissioned me, you've helped to inspire me to draw more, and knowing next year's theme at the end of the con will certainly help with the preparation for next year's event ;)

And the suiters, oh gawds they were amazing! - there was rather the influx of meerkats this year - and I'm still trying to figure out where timduru gets all that energy from, guy never stopped all con :D

There was something about the experience that's put me in such a good mood, I'm feeling proper positive at the moment - both artistically and just generally in life *happykittybounces*

Right, now for some work, I'm here at my desk, sipping tea from a mug with a certain badger on it ;) Gotten the photos and videos downloaded from my camera/phone last night so will work on getting them Photobucketed and whatnot this evening when I get home from work :)

Peace and Pocky to you all ^^

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*bounces* Have to start working on next year now hehe but I'm sure me and the rest of the staff are all still resting lol.

And yay, I currently have tea in my Brok mug too hehehe

Deeside... As in North Wales? As in where I grew up? As in not far from my Parents' place?

Twll demands to know moar!

That'll be the place, though I only work in that area - you can find me living just down the road in Ellesmere Port :)

It was awesome to meetcha dude, should you ever wanna chill out at the Cheshire Oaks feel free to buzz me :)

Ahhh, so your Twll! Your username had me confused, laddy :p

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