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Confuzzled 2013 - The Live Sets

Here they are - 5 Nights - 25 and a half hours of Audio

Thursday Night Sets
DJ Cheesewheel
DJ Djem

Friday Night Sets
The Rock Knight - DJ SkaPup
DJ Spiritraptor
DJ Graafen

Saturday Night Sets
Fursuit Friendly Dance - DJ Swolf
The Alchemists - DJ Swolf & DJ Spiritraptor Back to Back
Download Here

Sunday Night Set - Use 7-zip or mutipart zip extractor
DJ Big Blue Fox

Monday Night Set - Use 7-zip or mutipart zip extractor
Dead Dog Party - DJ Swolf and DJ Graafen Back to Back
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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Confuzzled Fursuit Dance Competition 2013

We need you to impress our audience or face the stockade

Join us in on the Main Stage where we have our annual dance off competition.
Our competitors will have to each strut there stuff and impress the audience and our Judges.

Our Judges will then decide who will hold the title of Confuzzled Best Dance Act 2013. We have decided this year to split the groups and solo acts so there are two prizes up for grabs.

Any style is accepted and can either be by yourself or in a group so please sign up below if you would like to take part.

Apply Here

swolf djing music
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DJ's we want You!

Calling all prospective DJ's!, do you want to DJ at the UK's largest Furry Convention? If so please fill in the form linked below.

All Genres will be considered but slots will be limited so we're looking for a good range and vararity to help keep our dedicated night club moving and the bar selling.

If you have DJ'ed before then we will need a quick nod to let us know if you would like to be called upon again.

I look forward to hearing from you and Seeing you in 2013!

Apply Here

ConFuzzled 2013 Unveiled!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

We are delighted to announce that the 6th annual festivities of ConFuzzled will be returning in the year AD 2013 on Thursday 30th May until Monday 3rd June, returning to the Hinckley Island Hotel, Leicestershire! Our website is now live too!

ConFuzzled will this year be celebrating the Mediaeval period of time: The Middle Ages. Where jousting, jesters, revelry, rivalry, wars and widows all abound. Great histories were unfolded, plays and stories woven and the foundations were set for the Age of Enlightenment.

The Middle Ages continue to be a great source of inspiration to fantasy authors, filmmakers, playwrights and performers today. We’ll be mixing up all of these elements to create a grand feast from which to serve you fine entertainment and themed events. We encourage you once again to dress up and join in with the magic at the centre of what makes ConFuzzled so special!

In response to popular demand, we have incorporated the Thursday night into the convention fully, extending the convention schedule by a whole extra day. Your feedback told us that our timetable was too crowded, and this will allow us to spread out the timetable and reduce the number of clashes between events.

We've listened to you about rooming arrangements, and it's now less expensive when you share your room with more people. We've had to have a rethink about the way we present this pricing, but it's clearly put this way: you share, you save. We have also negotiated a deal with the hotel which will allow you to pre-purchase an inclusive meal package for the weekend, ensuring you are well nourished and have the energy to take in all the exitement of the convention at a great price.

We are once again aiming to have two special guests, and we are proud to annouce that the first of these will be the talented artist Gab. Gab is no stranger to ConFuzzled, as last year she provided one of the large hanging banners in our glorious rotunda. For more details please head over to the Guest of Honour section of our website. We'll be announcing a second Guest of Honour later in the year, so keep an eye out for future announcements.

We'll be opening registration sooner than you think, so keep an eye on the usual forums, twitter accounts and our website for further details as we release them, and of course forthcoming announcements will reveal our chosen charity and more!

We're also launching our email newsletter! If you'd like us to send you regular updates via email about our plans as they develop, you can sign up for our regular newsletter by clicking thusly: http://eepurl.com/mEtQf

We hope you're as excited about ConFuzzled 2013 as we are, and we look forward to seeing you all there!

ConFuzzled 2012 Dealer Showcase 3!

ConFuzzled 2012 Dealer Showcase 3

It’s time for the final Dealer Showcase!

With the convention only a little over a couple of weeks away, we thought we’d give you one last reminder of a few more dealers that will be in the den! This time around, Quickwind Studios, Neweinstein and Raes Suits!

There’s also some final dealers den information, and a reminder about our art show!

As with the previous showcase postings, the material has been provided by the dealers themselves

Quickwind Studios

“Here’s what I’m bringing to the dealers den this year;

I’ll be taking at-con commissions in badges, sketches and full colour works of an anthro/fantasy variety. I’ll have prints available from my portfolio, along with some postcards and buttons. I will also be selling some CDs from my brass band, which I designed the artwork cover for. I will also offer conbadge repairs and lamination. Here’s some of my galleries: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jet3270/ (one or two NFSW pieces) or clean stuff: http://jet3270.deviantart.com/

I will be sharing my table with Stonehill Stitchcraft!

Many thanks!”


“At my place in the Dealers Den you will find high-quality FineArt prints of my photographic portraits of different animals like lions, tigers, wolves and of course snow leopards. I will have different print sizes available, some also including a high quality assepartout. From each sold print a certain percentage will go to the "Snow Leopard Trust" (http://www.snowleopard.org) as a donation to support the rescue of those wonderful cats.

you can go to my FA page and get a first impression what to expect (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/neweinstein) or learn a bit about who I am at WikiFur (http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/Neweinstein)”

Raes Suits

“I will be selling resin bases for heads in different animal forms and in many different sizes, along with various different other fursuit parts. I will also have notebooks available on which you can get your fursona drawn on (a reference sheet will be needed for this which can also be e-mailed in advance). I will also have badge commissions available and will be open for fursuit commission.

More information can be found at my two FurAffinity accounts http://www.furaffinity.net/user/raessuits (fursuit related) and http://www.furaffinity.net/user/raereira(art related)[adult content]“

Den Information!

As with previous years, we’re open on the Saturday & Sunday of the convention. and we know that many of you will be wanting to get in as early as possible to grab the best stuff, and get your commissions in with your favourite artists. We’re open from 11AM on Saturday (or 10AM if you’re a sponsor!), and 10AM on Sunday.

Just browsing? Want to pop in again later in the day? The den is open until 6PM on Saturday, and 5PM on Sunday - keep coming back to see what else is going on!

As usual, the convention has its own table where we’ll be selling ConFuzzled themed merchandise, including items from previous years at a discount price, and we do plan to accept Credit & Debit cards once again!

If you are bringing art to the auction - please remember it’s preferable to bring it on the Friday. We will accept items on the Saturday at the discretion of the auction administration staff, usually subject to available room.

That’s it! Excited? We sure are! Bring plenty of money, and buy yourself some furry items to take home and treasure forever!

ConFuzzled 2012 Dealer Showcase 2!

ConFuzzled 2012 Dealer Showcase 2

It’s time for another Dealer Showcase! The Convention is starting to get really close now, and so we’ve selected another batch of dealers that have written a few words of their own describing what you’ll find on their tables this year!
This time around, TaniDaReal, Playfur & Swandog Studio! Also you can read about our art show & auction, and also there’s a reminder about our sponsor perk & registration deadline!


"I will have the following items/artwork for sale at my table: Original pencil sketches, Mood Badges + Add-Ons, Prints, Jumbo prints, T-Shirts (HOT / COOL), Calendars, Portfolios, etc. I will also take a certain number of commissions (sketches / badges). Please also visit my artwork in the Art Show.

Website: www.tanidareal.com FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tanidareal
Best regards TaniDaReal”


“ A selection of adult prints from Playfur on sale, and on preview will be playfur's first ever comic! Don't forget to come and have a look over it!. Aside from that there will also be a limited sale of high quality digital commissions and also a limited(yes limited!) order of fancy badges (http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7471575).

These badges have been requested by lots of people and CF attendees will get first orders before being advertised to other cons! -See more of Bhav's work at http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bhavfox/ [adult content] or visit www.playfur.com [adult content]

Also Ultrafox will be on the table selling his prints, badges and commissions http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ultrafox [adult content]“

Swandog Studio

“I will be selling art prints and a few original art pieces, as well as offering face-painting and body-painting (on arms, hands and shoulders, "tattoo"-style) of your fursona or of any other fandom chars/symbols. Please bring references/char sheets of anything specific you'd like to have painted. I may also be doing simple sketch commissions and conbadges at the con.

http://swandog.deviantart.com/ :: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/swandog/ http://swandogstudio.com/

Face/Bodypainting examples: http://swandog.deviantart.com/gallery/5846180 Sketch examples (the simple, non-shaded, lineart ones): http://swandog.deviantart.com/gallery/8288613

ConFuzzled Art Show & Auction

As in previous years we’ll have our art show and auction as another chance to purchase furry artwork.

Don’t forget to stop by the art show to check out what’s available, and if you’re bidding, stop back regularly to check if you’re still winning! Many items make it all the way to the voice auction on Sunday night, and you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss out so turn up and bid!

Many items also carry a donation to the charity as a percentage of the final sale price, so by participating in the auction you’ll also be helping our charity too!

Reminder: Sponsor Extra & Registration Deadline

Those of you who’ve been to ConFuzzled will no doubt be aware that on the first day of the Dealers Den, Sponsors get entry an hour early! That means Sponsors get first pick of the hottest merchandise, special items from our guest of honour, ConFuzzled merchandise AND get your commissions in first!

If you’d like to upgrade your membership at the convention, please head over to the registration system and edit your membership - don’t forget to pay the upgrade in good time! Alternatively, email registration@confuzzled.org.uk for help!

Not yet registered? You’re running out of time! Residential registration closes on 20th April. If you would like to register, please visit https://reg.confuzzled.org.uk - and if you have friends you’d like to see at the convention who haven’t registered yet either, then don’t forget to bug them!

Thats all from us, but keep your eyes peeled for the next edition of CF2012 Dealer Showcase!

ConFuzzled 2012 Dealer Showcase 1!

With the convention now looming on the horizon, it’s time for us busy workers of the Commerce department to start highlighting some of the fantastic creative types you’ll be able to buy from in our lovely Dealers Den!

The Dealers den is an important part of the convention, and allows you a fantastic opportunity to buy gifts for yourself and others. Whether it’s purchasing furry art, getting a commission or two of your character / persona, or snapping up some ConFuzzled memorabilia, the Den is the place to go for all your shopping needs!

The best news is that with our new venue offering us more space, we’ve got even MORE dealers in the den this year, and that means that even if you’ve been coming to ConFuzzled since the beginning, there are bound to be some new dealers that you’ve not seen in the den before!

This year we’ve asked our Dealers to write their own promotional material for us to include, so in most cases what you see below are their own words on what you can find on their tables this year.

This time around we’re highlighting our Guest of Honour, FunLaser, FarukuCostumes, and SpiritRaptor! Also, don’t forget to read about our Sponsors-only early opening AND the ConFuzzled SALE!!

Colson Grainger

Our guest of honour is of course the talented Colson - singer, pianist, musical performer, we’re sure he’ll keep you entertained. From our website:

Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself tapping your feet and swaying when the rock and pop themes begin to play from Colson’s guitar, keyboard or voice as this talented performer has two albums to his name, he’s performed live at Feral! 2010 and Midwest FurFest 2011, and his videos have had over a million views on YouTube.

Expect to see and hear him at the many musical events we’ll be running this year including the Music Jam and our other musical workshops.

You’ll also see more of him in the Den, where he’ll be joined by Fox Amoore who works closely with Colson producing backing music for his songs and other musical work. If you’d like to take Colson’s sound home with you (and why wouldn’t you?), then head over to their table armed with cash!

Want to hear more? Head over to Colson’s YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/tratledge


“Heya from Funlaser. Once again we'll be dealing and have brought along some very special shiny objects for you to peruse. Along with our usual items of DogTags, Pet/Collar Tags, BadgeTags and LED goodies. We'll also be bringing along a few special items that will only be available in the run up to, and at the con. These special items include: Clapperboards (both prop size and badges) and Filmstrip LED badges to fit the movie theme and Wooden DogTags and pegs to fit the 5th anniversary material theme.

Once again we'll be supplying every attendee with a DogTag and you can get your name on the reverse for £1. We'll also be able to engrave your drinking vessel. We are also working with a few other artists/dealers to bring some other unique and shiny objects to you ^_^ Such as LED collars and lasered leather keyrings with Spiritraptor, Hand drawn Filmstrip badges with Panthras and a few secret items with Shirik. We'll also be providing a few things for auction so keep your eyes peeled.

This year we'll be running a slot based system. As such we'll be opening for pre-orders the month or so before the Con so you can buy the item you want and collect at the Con ^_^ Keep your eyes on http://furry.funlaser.co.uk for more information. We'll also announce on UKfur, CF forums and our FA page http://www.furaffini.../user/funlaser/ when we open for pre-orders.

Will catch you all at the movies.”


“Welcome to FarukuCostumes! This is a home for unique and customised fursuits and accessories. A small company based in the United Kingdom aiming to make beautiful high quality products to your specifications, currently a solo company run by myself, I specialise in creating eye catching semi-realistic critters.

At Confuzzled 2012 FarukuCostumes will be selling a variety of tails, handpaws, tail keychains, Ears and a ready-to-wear partial fursuit. Being an illustrator as well as a fursuit maker I will also be taking on-the-spot art commissions while at the table. Don’t be afraid to come along and say hello and see all the fuzzy wares we have to offer!

To see examples of work please visit:
Fursuit Work: http://faruku.webs.com/
Artwork: http://laura-croft.artworkfolio.com/


“Yes! It's that time of the year again when you get to frolic around the dealers den perusing packages and ogling art, checking out peoples wares and widgets! Spiritraptor AKA Leathersaurus is going to be back in full force with a whole new range of Artwork and Leather Gear, including some awesome collaboration work with the amazing Funlaser staff.

Like last year we will have some usual bits, leather key-rings, some basic collar designs including some fun collars and cuffs on the cheaper end of the scale. However we will also be bringing some more detailed, premium collars for those of you that want to look flash, also including some amazing LED tags ;) Also I'll be debuting my new show collar to go into the art auction, The DragonRune; The story behind it shrouded in mystery and intrigue ;)

On the Art front I will be taking sketch commissions both digital and traditional also including some more CF exclusive prints, only available at this event for this time only! There is also talk about having some art CDs and maybe even some portfolios to bring down as well, so stay tuned!

http://www.furaffini...r/spiritraptor/ [Note: Some adult content in gallery]
http://www.spiritraptor.com/gear.jpg <<Tiny snapshot of some of the gear of going to bring”

ConFuzzled Merchandise, Charity Items & SALE!

As usual we’ll have the obligatory selection of ConFuzzled merchandise, and no - it’s not another mug this year! Come check out this years hot merchandise including new stuff for 2012!

Our Charity is kindly furnishing us with toys and gifts that you can buy from our charity table with ALL proceeds going to the charity!

Finally … we’ve got a SALE on! Yes, thanks to us having some surplus from previous years, the management have decided it’s time for us to shift it! So, we’ll be making some BIG discounts on previous years merchandise, and you can snap up a bit of history! It’s the perfect solution in a downbeat economy!

Sponsor Extra!

Those of you who’ve been to ConFuzzled will no doubt be aware that on the first day of the Dealers Den, Sponsors get entry an hour early! That means Sponsors get first pick of the hottest merchandise, special items from our guest of honour, ConFuzzled merchandise AND get your commissions in first!

If you’d like to upgrade your membership at the convention, please head over to the dealer registration system and edit your membership - don’t forget to pay the upgrade in good time! Alternatively, email registration@confuzzled.org.uk for help!

Not yet registered? What are you waiting for?! Goto https://reg.confuzzled.org.uk - registration for residential memberships closes April 20th!


Finally, if you’re looking for the full list of dealers in our den this year, please go here to view the current details: http://www.confuzzle...firmed-dealers/

Thats all from us, but keep your eyes peeled for the next edition of CF2012 Dealer Showcase!