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Confuzzled Fursuit Dance Competition 2012
Fame? Street Dance? Footloose? or just Dirty Dancing?

Join us in on the Main Stage where we have our annual dance off competition. Our competitors will have to each strut there stuff and impress the audiance.

The audiance will then decide who will hold the title of Confuzzled Best Dance Act 2012. We'll have a panel of judges who will give their own take on each performance.

Any style is accepted and can either be by yourself or in a group so please sign up below if you would like to take part.

Application Form

Event Page

DJ's we want You!
swolf djing music
Calling all prospective DJ's!, do you want to DJ at the UK's largest Furry Convention? If so please fill in the form linked below.

All Genres will be considered but slots will be limited so we're looking for a good range and vararity to help keep our dedicated night club moving and the bar selling.

If you have DJ'ed before then we will need a quick nod to let us know if you would like to be called upon again.

I look forward to hearing from you and Seeing you in 2012!

Apply Here

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